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The Furies


The Furies

John Connolly and his favorite character, private investigator Charlie Parker, return in THE FURIES. Connolly has stated that the novel, which is quite lengthy, was conceived and written during the pandemic lockdown. The result is a book that is actually two stories in one: “The Sisters Strange” and “The Furies.” At the center of each tale are special women who are much more than they seem.

“The Sisters Strange” introduces readers to two spinster sisters, Dolors and Ambar Strange. Each has been romantically linked to Raum Buker, who is newly released from prison. Parker is hired by Will Quinn, who is currently involved with Dolors and fears that Buker’s presence on the outside could cause her trouble and possible harm.

"I have a soft spot for scary tales during the Halloween season, so I am happy to report that John Connolly and his trusty protagonist do not disappoint."

A second plot line involving the theft of some coins following a murder in Athens, Pennsylvania, is connected to Buker and his cellmate. It also has set off a series of violent incidents at the hands of a somewhat supernatural character, Kepler, who will stop at nothing to get either his coins or the monetary value of them back. Little does Buker know that Kepler is coming to Maine for him, and not even Parker will be able to save him.

Quinn informs Parker about the occult connection to the investigation, which is evident when certain symbols are found not only at the murder scenes, but also in Buker’s room at a local flophouse along with a new tattoo on his forearm. The inevitable meeting between Buker and the Sisters Strange will occur. They know what he is about and are more than capable of handling themselves to overcome any threat he may pose. As skilled as Parker is at his job, he appears to be a mere bystander in this story.

“The Furies” revolves around two women for whom Parker has taken on cases. The first is Sarah Abelli, who tragically lost her daughter, Kara. To add insult to injury, two men have robbed her of personal items that amounted to all she had left of Kara. Even though Sarah comes from a family with a criminal past that Parker is well aware of, it is important for him to retrieve her valuable possessions. He will get unexpected help when the specter of a little girl begins to haunt the culprits while they stay at the same flophouse as Buker did in the first story.

Meanwhile, Melissa Thombs is in an abusive relationship that she is trying to get out of with Parker’s assistance. However, he will learn that she is far from a victim, and her own aggression and determination will be more invaluable than any help he could provide her.

I preferred “The Sisters Strange” to “The Furies” due to its strong supernatural elements. I have a soft spot for scary tales during the Halloween season, so I am happy to report that John Connolly and his trusty protagonist do not disappoint.

Reviewed by Ray Palen on October 14, 2022

The Furies
by John Connolly