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Critical Praise

"The Doctor's Wife is certainly a tense and compelling psychological thriller, but it's more than just a page turner. In her dark depiction of small-town intolerance, Brundage invites us to question our moral assumptions, social responsibilities, in short, our engagement with the world. My favorite (and truly the darkest and saddest) line of the book is the very last.

——Ruth Ozeki, author of My Year of Meats and All Over Creation

"What Elizabeth Brundage has done with The Doctor's Wife kept me up two nights -- the first was the one in which I read it, and the second was the night when I kept trying to argue with her. 'He wouldn't do that,' I wanted to say -- but yes, he would. He would almost surely do all that. And so would she."

——Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina and Cavedweller

"Timely...[an] examination of what happens when we are drawn to the very things that promise to destroy us."

——Publishers Weekly

"Elizabeth Brundage has exquisitely captured the tension that resides at the crossroads of self and society. It is here -- in this meticulously rendered town and in each vivid character -- that the blurry lines between passion and zealotry, denial and deception, and, moreover, fleeting affection and true love are examined with unflinching, delicious honesty. The Doctor's Wife encapsulates not only our uncertain, conflicted times but the maddening, endearing, fascinating contradictions of the American moral construct. This novel is as politically pertinent as it is a page-turner."

——Meghan Daum, author of The Quality of Life Report