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The Debutante Divorcée


The Debutante Divorcée

"A sexually scandalous vacation is the newfound, but nevertheless
inalienable, privilege of the debutante divorcées --- New
York's young, social, newly unwed girls." Recently divorced
socialite Lauren Blount, born into really old money, befriends
newlywed Sylvie Mortimer in exotic Careyes, Mexico, "…no
place better suited to the exotic pleasures of the Divorce
Honeymoon." Lauren is filthy rich and impossibly chic --- she can
afford any designer clothing or jewelry she wants --- newly
divorced and jaded about marriage: "no one should get married just
because they are in love."

When Lauren meets Sylvie Mortimer on the beach in Careyes, dressed
in a Pucci bikini and lamenting the abrupt departure of her new
"successful young producer" husband Hunter on their honeymoon to a
business deal, they become instant friends. Sylvie and her husband
have just moved to New York via his job with MTV, and Sylvie is set
to run the fashion house of up-and-coming designer Thackeray
Johnston. Back in New York Lauren includes Sylvie in her social set
of debutante divorcées and they embark on an endless sea of
parties, designer gowns and jet setting. Not just any parties.
Divorce showers --- each guest must bring one eligible man, no
husbands allowed --- power christenings and New Year's Eve in
private ballrooms.

THE DEBUTANTE DIVORCÉE is a private jet (PJ) version of
literary escape. At the point in a book where I say to myself,
"Ahhh…this is the life," I know the writer has achieved the
goal of transporting me to the lap of luxury --- an escape from
daily life that provides an indulgent experience. One person's
fantasy is another's reality --- who knows when you might need to
know proper PJ protocol. Personally, I like "escaping" via private
jet to Megève (Switzerland) for a ski weekend at a French
countess's chalet and purchasing €650 Jackie O Hermès
sunglasses or lounging poolside with mojitos in Careyes, Mexico.
Fun and sinful make for excellent reading.

In her 2004 smash debut BERGDORF BLONDES, Plum Sykes introduced us
to Versace tissues, disengagements, the headquarters for HRH (His
Royal Highness) in New York --- Serafina on East 61st Street ---
the Ritz Carlton, and Paris as a cure for "all mental illnesses and
disengagements." Who better connected in New York society to
introduce us to the concept of a divorce honeymoon?

Sylvie is the epitome of a newlywed whose goal is to be the
"Eternity couple." However, with some guidance from her divorced
friends, she learns the clues to watch out for Husband Huntresses
--- those who only date married men. Socialite Sophia D'Arlan keeps
showing up near Hunter, giving Sylvie cause to play detective and
seek Lauren's debutante divorcée advice. Hunter is almost too
good to be true --- romantic, complimentary, and thoughtful enough
to take Sylvie on a second honeymoon! Even huntresses miss catching
the prey sometimes.

After a romantic week in Paris with Hunter, Sylvie joins Lauren on
a trip to Moscow for ice polo. Did you know ice polo existed and
that a glass of pink champagne at the Park Hyatt Hotel on
Neglinnaya Street is $80 a glass? Is this important information
that will affect your life? Probably not, but THE DEBUTANTE
DIVORCÉE is a luxurious, lighthearted escape inside the life
of Saudi princesses, billionaires, heiresses and moguls, and
up-and-coming debutantes and designers. Read it and enjoy every
luxurious detail and moment of escapism.

In essence, Lauren's jaded attitude toward marriage and her endless
partying lead her to unexpected love. While a debutante
divorcée, she never sulked. Lauren jetted to exotic locations,
relied on friends and fashion, and pursued passions and romance,
giving herself "make-out challenges." Her pursuit of the
"UnGoogle-able man" and the famed blue diamond heart once belonging
to Princess Letizia of Spain brings unexpected romance. When she
least expects it, she finds love and ultimately concedes, "Whatever
anyone says, being married is a million times sexier than being
divorced. There's nothing better, you know, than being a
former Debutante Divorcée."

"Without a bagful of diamonds a vacation simply wasn't a vacation
if you were Lauren Blount." Without THE DEBUTANTE DIVORCÉE in
your designer bag, who is going to tell us about divorce
honeymoons, Husband Huntresses and French pastry chefs on board
private vacation yachts? A glamorous life with champagne moments
--- Plum Sykes makes it glitter even brighter.


Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on December 29, 2010

The Debutante Divorcée
by Plum Sykes

  • Publication Date: April 4, 2007
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Miramax
  • ISBN-10: 1401360238
  • ISBN-13: 9781401360238