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Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening

About the Book

Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening

Cannon-fire sweeps across Europe. Laughter fades from summer lawn parties at Summerset Abbey. The world is changing around them, and they cannot help but change along with it.

Rowena Buxton: 
The female pilot’s upcoming wedding to Sebastian Billingsly is the talk of soci­ety. Rowena loves her kind, handsome fiancé, but memories of a dangerously passionate affair with a dashing flier still stir her heart. Accepting a daring mission transporting British planes, she encounters the man whose touch sent her reeling --- and whose return into her life may have disastrous consequences for her and Sebastian’s future.

Victoria Buxton: 
The defiant suffragette raises eyebrows once again by living on her own in London as a lady bachelor. Kit Kittredge is the one man who understands and adores Victoria’s fiery spirit --- but she rebuffs her best friend’s offer of marriage time and again, choosing to join the war effort as a volunteer nurse. And on the battlefields of France, she will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

Prudence Tate: 
After a stinging betrayal at Summerset Abbey, Prudence has found love and contentment in working-class Camden Town as Mrs. Andrew Wilkes. But when Andrew enlists, everything that Pru cherishes is at risk --- and she crosses a line attempting to protect him. Has she irreparably damaged their loving bond of trust?

Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening
by T. J. Brown