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Critical Praise

A remarkable novel written with eloquence and empathy.

—Paula Fox, author of BORROWED FINERY

A story of hearts broken, first by the past, then by family secrets, and the truth that begins to repair the pieces. A beautiful novel.

—Linda Francis Lee, bestselling author of THE EX-DEBUTANTE

SARAH’S KEY unlocks the star crossed, heart thumping story of an American journalist in Paris and the 60-year-old secret that could destroy her marriage. This book will stay on your mind long after it's back on the shelf.


This is a remarkable historical's a book that impresses itself upon one's heart and soul forever.

—Naomi Ragen, author of THE SATURDAY WIFE

Masterly and compelling, it is not something that readers will quickly forget. Highly recommended.

—Library Journal, Starred Review

Exceptional, emotional, and compelling…

—Sacramento Bee

A powerful novel…Tatiana de Rosnay has captured the insane world of the Holocaust and the efforts of the few good people who stood up against it in this work of fiction more effectively than has been done in many scholarly studies. It is a book that makes us sensitive to how much evil occurred and also to how much willingness to do good also existed in that world.

—Rabbi Jack Riemer, South Florida Jewish Journal

This is the shocking, profoundly moving and morally challenging story... It will haunt you, it will help to complete you…nothing short of miraculous.

—Augusten Burroughs

Just when you thought you might have read about every horror of the Holocaust, a book will come along and shine a fierce light upon yet another haunting wrong. SARAH'S KEY is such a novel. In remarkably unsparing, unsentimental prose...through a lens so personal and intimate, it will make you cry --- and remember.

—Jenna Blum, author of THOSE WHO SAVE US

A haunting, riveting novel...This book grabs your heart in the opening chapter, and its scenes and characters stay with you long after you finish.

—Publishers Weekly, a PW 2008 Staff Pick

A wonderful book.

—Joy Behar, “The View”