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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Par for the Course

Chris's Questions:

1. In the midst of my initial crush on Molly, I did and said things that were out of character, just to impress her. Whom do you know who has acted out of character when in the midst of a crush? Did the crush turn into “twu wuv”? Engagement? “Mawage”?

2. President Bush has become quite a controversial public figure. How did you feel about Dubya stopping by my driving range? Also, if a President shanks a golf ball and it breaks a spectator’s bifocals, is the ball then deemed a weapon of glass destruction?

3. After my business was destroyed, I had to get away one afternoon, be by myself. So I paddled my johnboat into a saltwater estuary, where I felt alone with nature and with God. Do you have a special place you go when life throws up a stumbling block? Do you view God as being everywhere in your surroundings, or do you view him as a kind of invisible man, of average height and weight, who only shows up when you are alone in your special place?

Molly's Questions:

1. As a political correspondent, I found that many people stereotyped me as a hard-charging, climb-the-corporate-ladder female. Now I find that many of my friends were shocked that I would leave the political environment to work closer to Chris. Have you ever left a vocational pursuit to pursue love? “Twu wuv,” or just “puppy wuv”?

2. Would you take up golf if you really liked a guy?

3. Do you have all of the U.S. presidents memorized? Why not?

4. Do you think any of Calvin Coolidge’s staff called him “Coolio”?

Cack's Questions:

1. Driving ranges are a study in human behavior—each person alone with his or her bucket of golf balls, with little or no interaction with anyone else. Do you think driving ranges would be livelier and more fun if someone drove around the range in a golf cart and insulted the customers through a bullhorn? Would you man the bullhorn? Who would you like to insult?

2. Have you ever gone on a date to a driving range?

3. Do you consider Mountain Dew a health drink?

Pauly Three Seeds's Questions:

1. Most people think accountants are boring number-crunchers, with little personality. The majority of my friends think that I am a boring number-cruncher, with little personality. But sometimes late at night, in the quiet of my kitchen, I moonwalk across the linoleum. What do you do for fun when no one is looking?

2. Will there be any boring people in heaven? Will those that get there have to walk around like conformist robots, or will there be jumping and dancing and running just for the fun of it?

3. If I were to write a book on what heaven might be like, would a good title be Moonwalking on Streets of Gold?

4. How does one get to heaven?

Par for the Course
by Ray Blackston

  • Publication Date: February 12, 2008
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Paperback: 251 pages
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • ISBN-10: 0446178152
  • ISBN-13: 9780446178150