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Week of October 16, 2023

Paperback releases for the week of October 16th include AND THERE WAS LIGHT, in which Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer Jon Meacham chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln, charting how --- and why --- he confronted secession, threats to democracy and the tragedy of slavery to expand the possibilities of America; THE MAGIC KINGDOM by Russell Banks, a dazzling tapestry of love and faith, memory and imagination that questions what it means to look back and accept one’s place in history; Natasha Lester's THE THREE LIVES OF ALIX ST. PIERRE, a lavish, unforgettable story of an orphan turned WWII spy turned fashion icon in Paris; THE RED WIDOW, a page-turning biography from Sarah Horowitz, who introduces readers to Marguerite Steinheil, an antiheroine who flouts society and the law at every opportunity...and gets away with it; and the paperback original AMERICAN GIRL by Wendy Walker, a pulse-pounding novel about a small-town business owner found dead and the teenage girl caught in the crosshairs.