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About the Book

About the Book

Miss del Río: A Novel of Dolores del Río, the First Major Latina Star in Hollywood

1910, Mexico. As the country’s revolution spreads, Dolores, the daughter of a wealthy banker, must flee her comfortable life in Durango or risk death. Her family settles in Mexico City, where, at 16, she marries the worldly Jaime del Río. But in a twist of fate, at a party she meets an influential American director who recognizes in her a natural performer. He invites her to Hollywood, and practically overnight, the famous Miss del Río is born.

In California, Dolores’ stardom quickly rises, and her days become a whirlwind of moviemaking and glamorous events. Swept up in Tinseltown’s glitzy inner circle, she takes her place among film royalty such as Marlene Dietrich and Orson Welles. But as her career soars to new heights, her personal life becomes increasingly complicated with family tragedy, painful divorce and real heartache. And when she’s labeled box office poison amid growing prejudice before WWII, Dolores must decide what price she’s willing to pay to achieve her dreams and if her heart and future instead lie where it all Mexico.

Spanning half a century and narrated by Dolores’ fictional hairdresser and longtime friend, MISS DEL RÍO traces the life of a trailblazing woman whose legacy in Hollywood and in Mexico still shines bright today.

Audiobook available, read by Frankie Corzo

Miss del Río: A Novel of Dolores del Río, the First Major Latina Star in Hollywood
by Bárbara Mujica

  • Publication Date: October 4, 2022
  • Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction
  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Graydon House
  • ISBN-10: 1525899937
  • ISBN-13: 9781525899935