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Little Earthquakes


Little Earthquakes

A Hollywood actress, an organized event planner, a chef, and a
television reporter all have one thing in common: motherhood. Each
woman is affected by this dramatic and life changing event in very
different yet equally compelling ways in Jennifer Weiner's third
novel, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES. To refer to Weiner's work as Chick Lit
is similar to calling Todd English a fast food restaurant owner.
What both of these talented individuals have in common is the
ability to create wonderful pieces of work that are sometimes taken
for granted because they reach such a wide audience and make it
look effortless.

Weiner's first book, GOOD IN BED, received rave reviews and is now
being developed into a series for HBO. It was immediately followed
by IN HER SHOES, which has already been turned into a major motion
picture starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine.
How does Weiner create such wonderful fiction time and again? She
pulls her readers into the world she has created and allows them to
experience this world for themselves. She gives her characters
difficult struggles and flaws. Weiner writes so vividly and creates
such real human emotion through her words that she makes her
readers truly care about the lives of her characters.

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES introduces us to four women who meet at a yoga
class for expectant mothers. Becky is a chef who has an extremely
loving relationship with her husband and an interfering
mother-in-law who insists on trying to change everything about her.
Kelly is an overachieving event planner who had a poor childhood
and has since become intent on giving her own child a better life.
Unfortunately, her newly unemployed husband isn't living up to her
ideals. Ayinde, a beautiful television reporter who is married to a
professional athlete, has her life turned upside down because of
her husband's act of indiscretion. Finally there is Lia, a somewhat
mysterious character who hides a heartbreaking secret involving her
own brief experience of motherhood while bonding with the new
mothers. Each of these women must struggle with the challenges of
being new moms while at the same time balancing all of the other
areas in their lives. They realize that becoming a new mother
changes one's sense of self and one's relationships with

What is so wonderful about Weiner's work is that she gives her
characters undying hope, no matter how unfortunate their
circumstances may be. Through her characters' faith and persistence
she creates happy endings that often can be difficult to find in
fiction today.

In LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, Weiner explores the power of love and
self-acceptance in overcoming life's obstacles. Her characters
confront harshness and unhappiness with humor and self-confidence.
They experience success without changing the essence of who they
are and without subjugating their beliefs. Weiner has written a
touching novel with wonderful characters and honest lessons about
living a less than perfect life. Once again she has outdone herself
and invites her readers to enter a world they may not have
experienced otherwise. LITTLE EARTHQUAKES explores motherhood,
friendship, marriage, loss, devastation, forgiveness and love. This
is women's fiction at its best.


Reviewed by Jocelyn M. Kelley ([email protected]) on December 30, 2010

Little Earthquakes
by Jennifer Weiner

  • Publication Date: September 14, 2004
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Atria
  • ISBN-10: 0743470095
  • ISBN-13: 9780743470094