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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

In Harm’s Way: Heroes of Quantico Series, Book 3

1. This book touches on some unusual topics --- psychometry, parapsychology, twin telepathy. There’s not much credible proof for the first two, but twin telepathy is supported by anecdotal evidence. What do you think about that phenomenon? Have you ever known anyone who’s experienced the kind of link displayed by Rachel and Rebecca?

2. In Rachel’s place, assuming you’d had the same reaction she did to the Raggedy Ann doll, what would you have done?

3. In Nick’s place, what would your reaction have been to Rachel’s story? How do you think he handled the situation?

4. Emily offers one explanation for Rachel’s reaction to the doll. Do you think it’s credible? Have you ever had an experience or seen something that triggered strong feelings for reasons you couldn’t pin down? A scent, a photograph, a taste? Do you think buried memories can produce that reaction?

5. Claudia pursues her story for St. Louis Scene with single-minded determination, setting in motion a potentially deadly chain of events. In today’s world, the press seems to consider even the most personal subjects fair game. How do you feel about that? Where should the press draw the line?

6. Nick’s traumatic childhood set him on the wrong path as a youth. But thanks to the intervention of a caring cop, he turned his life around. In what ways do positive role models impact a child’s life? How did Dan’s influence help Nick start his own faith journey? Talk about some of the ways his faith and sense of honor are reflected in this story. Provide some examples of his character and his faith in action.

7. Rachel has been exposed to many different faiths during her life, but the diversity confused rather than edified her. Do you think it’s important to give a child a strong foundation in one particular faith, or offer them a sampling of many different belief systems? Why or why not?

8. Both Rachel and Nick went through the foster care system. Neither had a great experience. What are some ways that foster care can do a better job of instilling a sense of structure and caring in a child’s life?

9. Jeannette never told Rebecca about her sister. Did you understand --- even sympathize --- with her reasons? Why or why not? How do you think adoptive parents should handle this situation?

10. Debra is obviously a troubled woman. Based on the hints about her past that are dropped in the story, do you think her childhood contributed to her problems? Why or why not?

11. Several people in this story stepped up with information that helped the FBI solve the case --- Allen, Gary, Marsha. Without their tips, Rachel would have died. Often today, citizens are apathetic about taking such a proactive step. Why? What does Scripture advise about this?

12. In the end, the cross Rachel wears becomes more than a sentimental object. It becomes a source of strength. Although her faith journey is in the early stages in this book, cite some of the reasons she begins to consider starting down the path that will lead her to God.

13. Mental illness, especially the types in which victims exhibit normal behavior in some areas of their lives --- like Debra --- or at some times but not others, can be extremely hard on loved ones. Do you know anyone who has had to deal with this kind of experience? How did they cope?

14. Infertility exacerbated Debra’s problems, but it can be traumatic even for people without her other issues. Do you know anyone who has gone through this? Why is it such a distressing experience? Discuss the reasons. What can a friend do to support a woman who is struggling with infertility?

15. Name two key things you will remember about this book.

16. If you’ve been following the heroes of Quantico through all three books, talk about how the lives of the three agents have changed over the course of the series. What have they learned? How have their priorities shifted? How has love changed their lives?

In Harm’s Way: Heroes of Quantico Series, Book 3
by Irene Hannon

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2010
  • Genres: Christian
  • Paperback: 326 pages
  • Publisher: Revell
  • ISBN-10: 0800733126
  • ISBN-13: 9780800733124