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James Lee Burke, author of House of the Rising Sun: A Holland Family Novel

After a violent encounter that leaves four Mexican soldiers dead, Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland escapes the country in possession of a stolen artifact, earning the ire of a bloodthirsty Austrian arms dealer who then places his son, Ishmael, squarely in the crosshairs of a plot to recapture his prize, believed to be the mythic cup of Christ. Along the way, we meet three extraordinary women, each of whom will aid Hackberry in his quest to reconcile with Ishmael, vanquish their enemies, and return the Grail to its rightful place.

Week of August 29, 2016

Paperback releases for the week of August 29th include HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by James Lee Burke, a thrilling entry in the Holland family saga that tells the story of a father and son separated by war, circumstance and a race for the Holy Grail; THE HOURS COUNT, Jillian Cantor's historical novel about a woman who befriends Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and is drawn into their world of intrigue; and WE ARE UNPREPARED, a debut novel by Meg Little Reilly, who places a young couple in harm’s way --- both literally and emotionally --- as they face a cataclysmic storm that threatens to decimate their Vermont town and the Eastern Seaboard.