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Forever Princess: Princess Diaries, Volume X

Chapter One

teenSTYLE Exclusive!

teenSTYLE chats with Princess Mia Thermopolis on what it means to be royal, her upcoming high school graduation and prom, and her fashion must-haves!

teenSTYLE caught up to Princess Mia this spring as she was engaged in one of her many volunteer activities—tidying up Central Park, along with the rest of her fellow Albert Einstein High School seniors, since they'll all be taking part in commencement ceremonies there in a few weeks!

What could be less princessy than painting park benches? And yet Princess Mia managed to look entirely regal in a pair of 7 For All Mankind dark-rinse low-rise skinny jeans, a simple white crew-neck tee, and Emilio Pucci ballerina flats.

This is one royal who truly knows what it means to haveteenSTYLE!


teenSTYLE: Let's cut right to the chase. A lot of people are confused about what's happening with the government in Genovia right now. Our readers really want to know: Are you still a princess?

Princess Mia: Yes, of course. Genovia was an absolute monarchy until I found a document last year revealing that my ancestress, Princess Amelie, had declared it a constitutional monarchy—exactly like England—four hundred years ago. That document was proven valid by the Genovian parliament last spring, and now we're two weeks away from elections for prime minister.

teenSTYLE: But will you still rule?

Princess Mia: Much to my chagrin. I mean, yes. I will inherit the throne upon the death of my father. The people of Genovia will elect a prime minister, the same as the people of England, while still having a reigning monarch . . . in Genovia's case, since we're a principality, a prince or princess.

teenSTYLE: That's great! So you'll always have the tiara, the limos, the palace, the beautiful ball gowns. . . .

Princess Mia: . . . And the bodyguards, the paparazzi, no private life, people like you hounding me, and my grandmother forcing me to agree to meet with you to get my name in your magazine so we can attract more tourists to Genovia? Yes. Not, of course, that we aren't in enough magazines right now, seeing as how my dad is running for prime minister, and his own cousin, Prince René, is running against him.

teenSTYLE: And leading in the polls, according to the latest news reports. But let's move on to your plans for after high school. You're scheduled to graduate from Manhattan's prestigious Albert Einstein High School on May 7. What kind of accessories do you plan on wearing to set off your mortarboard hat and gown—Princess Mia: Although frankly, I find Prince René's campaign platform ridiculous. He's been quoted as saying, "You'd be surprised how many people in the world have never even heard of Genovia. Many of them believe it's a made-up place, something out of a movie. I'm out to change all that." But his ideas of changing Genovia for the better include generating more income from tourism. He keeps insisting Genovia could be a vacation destination spot like Miami or Las Vegas! Vegas! He wants to install restaurant chains like Applebee's, Chili's, and McDonald's in order to appeal to cruise ship tourists visiting from America. Can you imagine? What could be more disastrous to Genovia's delicate infrastructure? Some of our bridges are five centuries old! Not to mention what it would do to the environment, which has already been severely damaged by cruise ship waste dumping—

teenSTYLE: Er . . . we can see this is an issue about which you feel passionately. We encourage our readers to take a keen interest in current events—like your eighteenth birthday, which we know is coming up on May 1! Any truth to the rumors that your grandmother, the Dowager Princess Clarisse, has been in New York City for some time, planning a completely over-the-top eighteenth birthday celebration for you, aboard a yacht?

Princess Mia: I'm not saying there isn't necessarily room for improvement in Genovia, but not in the way Prince René means. I believe Dad's response—that if anything, what our citizens need right now is improvements to their daily lives—is utterly correct. My father, not Prince René, has the experience Genovia needs right now. I mean, he's been prince there his entire life, and has ruled for the past ten years. He knows, more than anyone, what his people need and don't need . . . and what they don't need is an Applebee's!

teenSTYLE: So . . . you're planning on studying political science in college?

Princess Mia: What? Oh, no. I was thinking of majoring in journalism. With a creative writing minor.

teenSTYLE: Really? So you want to be a journalist?

Princess Mia: Actually, I'd love to be an author. I know publishing is really hard to break in to. But I've heard if you start by writing romance novels, you have a better chance.

teenSTYLE: Speaking of romance, you must be getting ready for something every girl in America is starting to get excited for! A little something called PROM?

Princess Mia: Oh. Um. Yeah. I guess.

teenSTYLE: Come on, you can tell us. Of course you're going! We all know things between you and longtime steady boyfriend Michael Moscovitz ended last year when he went off to Japan. He hasn't come back yet, right?

Princess Mia: As far as I know, he's still in Japan. And we're just friends.

teenSTYLE: Right! You've often been seen in the company of fellow AEHS senior John Paul Reynolds-Abernathy IV. That's him painting that bench over there, isn't it?

Princess Mia: Uh . . . yeah.

teenSTYLE: So . . . don't keep us in suspense! Is J.P. the special guy who'll be escorting you to Albert Einstein High's senior prom? And what will you be wearing? You know metallics are in this season . . . can we count on you to glitter in gold?

Princess Mia: Oh, no! I'm so sorry! My bodyguard didn't mean to kick that paint can over onto you. How clumsy of him! Do send me the dry-cleaning bill.

Lars: Care of the Royal Genovian press office, Fifth Avenue.

Excerpted from FOREVER PRINCESS: Princess Diaries, Volume X © Copyright 2011 by Meg Cabot. Reprinted with permission by HarperTeen. All rights reserved.

Forever Princess: Princess Diaries, Volume X
by by Meg Cabot

  • Genres: Fiction
  • paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • ISBN-10: 0061232947
  • ISBN-13: 9780061232947