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Deryni Rising: Chronicles of the Deryni, Book 1 by Katherine Kurtz

Female Fantasy Authors, November 2012

The Adept or the Templar Series are all worthwhile installments in the career of Katherine Kurtz, but nothing will compare to her work with the Chronicles of the Deryni. Since 1970, Kurtz has built the saga through five trilogies plus one stand-alone novel. Harkening back to a 10th century Great Britain environment, the land of Gwynedd is people by humans and Deryni, an offshoot of the human race that possess magic. Shades of grey abound in this political web, with the two sides struggling to balance governmental and religious powers. An unrelated novel, Saint Patrick's Gargoyle, is an intriguing take on the notion of living gargoyles and their charge in the world.