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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Cosmopolitan Girls

1. Lindsay appears to have it all together with a great job and a fabulous social life. Why is she so strong and together when it comes to taking care of business, but allows her emotions to take her off her game?

2. During Charlie's "pity party" at the beginning of the book she says she "tossed her goals to the side and put other people's happiness first". What happens when you toss your goals to the side?

3. In "Prince Charming" Lindsay and Robert share an awkward moment where they connect before Troy enters. What if Troy hadn't interrupted, do you think Lindsay would've pursued Robert's subtle invitation? What do you think the implications would've been if she had gotten involved with her boss? In examining corporate America, is there a double standard when it comes to women dating in the workplace?

4. When Lindsay and Charlie meet, it's the classic case of each one thinking the other's grass is greener. However, they discover they are two sides of the same coin. How do they reveal their similarities and differences?

5. Lindsay is flooded with opinions and advice from her sisters, her "girls" Tara and Judy, and her newfound friend, Charlie. Discuss their differences of opinions. Do you think Lindsay deserved a second chance?

6. Lindsay and Charlie devise the Cosmo Code of Arms, proving that strength is in numbers, and becoming hell-bent on getting "pay back". However, their vengeful tactics, disguised as fun-filled missions, lead to unexpected consequences. What are those consequences? When is enough is enough? Do you recall if you or a friend has ever allowed a situation in a relationship to go too far?

7. Charlie's own problems cause her to encourage Lindsay not to go down without a good fight after Troy breaks up with her. Why doesn't she have the same fighting spirit when it comes to dealing with Michael?

8. Discuss Charlie's attitude toward friendships with other women prior to meeting Lindsay. Do you know any women who have shut themselves off to friendships with other women?

9. Spirituality plays a big part in Lindsay and Charlie's lives. Recount and discuss the chapters that reveal various eye-opening moments in the story for both Lindsay and Charlie that ultimately led each woman to rediscover and renew her own spirituality and step out on faith. How important is your spirituality in your personal and professional life?

10. Charlie has a penchant for being judgmental when it comes to her mother, who she describes as a "doormat to men". Her motto is "a man has never and will never define me." What does it take for women to wake up and smell the coffee?

11. Lindsay plays into Robert's philosophy that "one should avoid excessive socializing." She never mixes the business Lindsay with the social Lindsay. Why is she intimidated by his calls? How do you balance your professional life with your social life?

12. Charlie makes reference to the sacrifices she's made to make her relationship with Michael work. She says it was a "price she was willing to pay." Were all these sacrifices worth saving the relationship? Have you ever had friends who dated a man with children from a previous relationship? Did they encounter or experience the strain of "baby momma drama?"

13. Charlie's self-inflicted writer's block, and her denial about her crumbling relationship with Michael has caused her to give up on her dreams and she's fallen into a "safe rut." How does this happen and why?

14. What does Lindsay mean when she describes the feeling she had after dinner with Tara and Judy as "vacant"? Do you have in people in your life who are "sitting with yesterday?"

15. New York City is sexy, electric, and the center of the fashion, cultural, and social universe. Explore and discuss the "Big Apple" as the backdrop for the story, and how it becomes a character itself. What is its significance in Lindsay and Charlie lives? Their friendship?

16. In "Food For Thought" Charlie raises the point that women "have to fight so much that we get confused and start fighting each other". Do you agree or disagree? Lindsay also proclaims that women have to "stop killing each other's spirits." What does this mean to you? Discuss creating a "girl's club" of your own. What would you do? Finally, Lindsay describes she and Charlie's heart to heart as an "excavation of the minds." Create your own archeological excavation of the minds within your group and discuss women developing mutual support systems and working together.

17. In "Emancipation Night" Lindsay and Charlie's new mission is to put yourself first and never settle on your happiness. Discuss the growing pains both women endured. What does it mean to be fierce, fabulous and fearless?

18. The birth of the Cosmo Code of Arms gives Lindsay and Charlie a marvelous new manifesto. Devise and discuss your own Cosmo Code of Arms.

Cosmopolitan Girls
by Charlotte Burley and Lyah Beth LeFlore

  • Publication Date: February 24, 2004
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Broadway
  • ISBN-10: 0767915674
  • ISBN-13: 9780767915670