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Week of November 14, 2022

Paperback releases for the week of November 14th include THE (OTHER) YOU, a stirring, reflective collection of short stories in which Joyce Carol Oates ponders alternate destinies --- the other lives we might have led if we had made different choices; HARSH TIMES by Mario Vargas Llosa, a story of international conspiracies and conflicting interests in the time of the Cold War, echoes of which still reverberate today; and Sang Young Park's LOVE IN THE BIG CITY, a funny, transporting, surprising and poignant novel that tells the story of a young gay man searching for happiness in the lonely city of Seoul. Among the week's paperback originals are BEFORE I LET GO, Kennedy Ryan's compelling, scorching novel about hope and healing, and what it truly means to love for a lifetime; and A WISH FOR WINTER, Viola Shipman’s latest winter charmer following THE SECRET OF SNOW, which is sure to tug on heartstrings and delight readers who love books about books, missed connections and the magic of Christmas.