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Week of December 2, 2019

Paperback releases for the week of December 2nd include KITCHEN YARNS, a warm collection of personal essays and recipes from Ann Hood, who spins tales of loss and starting from scratch, family love and feasts with friends, and how the perfect meal is one that tastes like home; Bonnie Kistler's HOUSE ON FIRE, a tightly wound and suspenseful novel about a blended family in crisis after a drunk driving accident leaves the daughter of one parent dead --- and the son of the other parent charged with manslaughter; THE PARAGON HOTEL by Lyndsay Faye, a richly imagined work of historical suspense in which a gun moll with a knack for disappearing flees from Prohibition-era Harlem to Portland's Paragon Hotel; and John Strausbaugh's VICTORY CITY, the definitive history of New York City during the World War II era.