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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

A Promise to Remember

1. Which mother did you have the most empathy for at the beginning of the book? Did it change by the end and why?

2. Have you ever found yourself protecting your own interests rather than doing what you knew was right? Why is it so hard to do the right thing? What were the repercussions?

3. How did you feel about Christi Baur's "help" in sticking up for Andie? Was she being a good friend or an interfering one?

4. Grief can often devastate a marriage. Do you think Andie and Blair are on the right path? What do you think is most important for a marriage to survive a tragedy?

5. What do you think would have been the outcome if Melanie's case had gone to court? Should parents be held responsible for their child's negligence? Do you think that lawsuits do more good or harm in our country today?

6. What role does class play in our culture today? Have you ever seen an individual or family treated preferentially because of their status or encountered prejudice against a poorer individual?

7. What kind of comfort can you offer a person facing deep grief? Is it possible to offer the hope of eternal life, especially to a person who isn’t sure what they believe?

8. What role did Andie's painting play in her recovery? What is your "outlet" in times of distress?

9. Ultimately, what would you have done had you been the mother of Jeff? How about Chad?

A Promise to Remember
by Kathryn Cushman

  • Publication Date: October 1, 2007
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Bethany House
  • ISBN-10: 0764203800
  • ISBN-13: 9780764203800