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Critical Praise

This book is a gift, and not only to Jordan.

—USA Today

Heartfelt... Canedy used her skills as a reporter to dig beneath the official story of King's death... These investigative passages are gripping... King died a hero's death, but Canedy's embrace of life is a kind of heroism, too.

—Cleveland Plain Dealer

Gut-wrenching... Canedy writes with the objective eye of a hard-line reporter yet manages to convey the complexities of the love between her and her fiance as well as the deep loss she feels in his absence. It's impossible to imagine what her pain is like, but she does a beautiful job of allowing us to come close.

—Washington Post

Canedy's memoir speaks to military families everywhere... By openly and honestly revealing her side of their highly emotional story as well, by detailing the effects of his death on her and subsequent interactions with government brass about burial and benefits, for example…she gives the project a greater significance, making it especially relevant for and meaningful to countless others in similar situations.

—San Francisco Chronicle