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Critical Praise

"From the first sentence to the final page, we are called to live the life most of us have only dreamt of. The impact of Debbie's book upon my life is immeasurable."

Sue Boldt, women's ministry director, CrossRoads Community Church, California

"Debbie's honest reflections, practical advice, and God inspired insights show us a radically different way to live. I'm encouraging every woman at our church to get a copy."

Rachel Johnston, pastor of women's ministry, Bayside Church, Granite Bay, California

"Alsdorf's best work yet, and it's no doubt the result of its message being lived out in her own life. Now that's the kind of book I want to read."

Julie Barnhill, bestselling author and speaker

"Debbie bravely steps out to show us how to embrace the edges of our lives, knowing that this is the territory where faith becomes reality."

Anita Renfroe, bestselling author and speaker