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Readers' Comments for THE PROMISE OF STARDUST

In July, readers in our Sneak Peak: An Early Look Inside a Book Feature won copies of THE PROMISE OF STARDUST by Priscille Sibley. The PROMISE OF STARDUST is a love story that features a family torn apart by medical crisis. It looks at the ethical decision of keeping a pregnant woman with no chance of recovery on life support for months in attempt to give her unborn baby a chance at life. We gave the readers a series of questions to gauge their reactions to the book and here we share some of their comments to give you insight into the story. Please note that ALL of the readers who participated in this project (there were more comments than those we are featuring here) gave THE PROMISE OF STARDUST high marks.

We thank all of those who participated as early readers. For those of you who would like to read this gripping debut, the pub date for THE PROMISE OF STARDUST is February 5th.

How would you describe this book to your friends in a couple sentences?

- THE PROMISE OF STARDUST is a beautifully done book dealing with difficult issues. 
-This is an intricate story of love, life, death, family, friendship and struggle.
-I have been talking about the book before I finished it with my friends.  I thought it was just going to be about right to die vs. right to life but it is basically a love story.  Not just a girl/boy love story but a mother/daughter, mother/son, sibling, etc. love story.
-Such an easy book to get into, forget the time and read for hours. You find yourself rooting for Matt and Elle right from start, taking sides with them against family and friends. And I loved seeing Matt "grow up".
-This book was a story of true love. It reminded me a lot Jodi Picoult. THE PACT + LONE WOLF = THE PROMISE OF STARDUST. The ending is capable of making you cry so try to have tissues ready.
- This is a book that will make you question your beliefs. Whichever side you are on, you will definitely understand the other.
- It’s an emotional roller coaster! I was up, down and everywhere in between while reading it.
-A great story about the hard choices we often have to make in our lives.
-The book exposes the importance of having advanced directives and how even when you do, circumstances, such as a desired pregnancy, can create variables in knowing the true wishes of the person. I thought the author explored well how the decisions to be made can divide families and communities; how political platforms can be used to advance a cause and how the complexity of relationships and family dynamics can divide and draw together during these high stress, tough times. The use of Elle's journals brought her voice into the story, as well as the flashbacks and dream near-death experiences. I missed her as she was brain dead. I felt compassion for her.
-It's not as cut and dry as it sounds and the way the author brings the couple's love story into the book is very well written. This will be a book club favorite.
-It is a true testament of a husband's devotion to his wife. If you like to have teary eyes while reading a book, this is a definite "put on your list" book. 
-Heart breaking story about a family torn apart but ultimately redeemed by the power of love.
- THE PROMISE OF STARDUST will make you cry from the start, but it is also an amazing book that is totally worth the crying.
- A fictional read with a real-life feel focusing on what happens to the family and friends of a pregnant woman in a dire situation.
-It is a book to make you think about personal rights and who might influence your choices if you no longer can.
- This book is about loss, love, sadness and hope. It shows what can happen if you are determined.
- The book was emotionally compelling because it deals with life/death issues.  I found myself frustrated at times with some of the family members but crying at other times because of the heart wrenching decisions that had to be made.
-  An excellent debut novel along the lines of Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult.
- The Promise of Stardust will ask you to question life issues you believe to be absolute. It is an emotional love story that made my heart hurt and my mind question. I fell in love with Matt and Ellie and their tragic love story.
- I would describe it as Nicholas Sparks meets Jodi Picoult!  It made me laugh, it made me cry... it moved me!  
-THE PROMISE OF STARDUST questions beliefs about life and faith.
- I've already pitched the book to one book club I know!
- Heartwarming!
- This book is deeply touching on many levels. It is not your typical love story, but it is a love story in the true sense of the word.
- This book will crawl into your heart and soul and stay there long after you have finished the book.  But be careful -- it will ask you to think about issues you may want to ignore.  

We asked the readers to pick three words that described how they felt after finishing THE PROMISE OF STARDUST.
The following were the words that came up most frequently: Satisfied… relieved… sad… hopeful… happy…thoughtful… emotional… conflicted… touched and engaged.