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Readers' Comments for The Favor

In May, a select group of readers who participated in one of our contests won copies of THE FAVOR by Megan Hart. It’s the story of Janelle Decker, who, along with her 12-year-old son, moves back in with her ailing grandma. Hardly anything seems to have changed since her happy childhood there, not even the Tierney boys next door and, in particular, Gabe. As she and Gabe revisit their interrupted romance, Janelle begins to uncover the truth denied to her when she ran away all those years ago from a mysterious, devastating accident that tore her and the Tierney brothers apart. Take a look at some of the readers' comments to give you more insight into this shattering small-town story.

In my opinion, THE FAVOR by Megan Hart was quite good. It's a quick, easy read. The characters are strong and real. The book's honesty comes through on each page. All in all, it was a fun summer read!

I enjoyed it very much! It is well written --- so easy to read even though it covers several years and many people. Janelle Decker lived with her grandmother during her high school years. Now, she has a 12 year old son and is self-supporting, but when her grandmother is diagnosed with cancer, Janelle must move back in to take care of her. The same neighbors live next door as when Janelle lived there years ago. She had been involved with the oldest son years ago and still finds him attractive. The way this is told is very interesting.

Almost immediately, I became engaged with the reading of THE FAVOR by Megan Hart. At first, I was critical of the author’s voice and did not like the way she jumbled the past and present. I have read other authors who can make this transition back and forth quite smoothly --- Kate Morton for example. In the first part of this book, it was sometimes a little hard to distinguish whether it was meant to be in the past or present.

Once the story began to flow, I was able to concentrate more. The actual plot was excellent. The author is very talented at teasing her readers with just a smidgeon of info and letting them think that she is going to reveal something. Then, when the readers think they know something, there is a twist that shocks them. It is what keeps them turning the pages and not putting the book down until they simply have to.

Some of the characters were painted in a bad light, yet you found your heart reaching out to them anyway and learning that it is all right to care about people who can't even love themselves at times.

To be honest, I could have done without the scenes in the bedroom. It seemed a bit too personal for me. I felt like the scenes would have been better left behind closed doors with no curtains to be left open or peaked through. All in all I liked what I read and have decided to rate it with four stars.