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Readers' Comments for Heart of Palm

In March, a select group of readers who participated in one of our Women’s Fiction Author Spotlight contests won copies of HEART OF PALM by Laura Lee Smith. The story is about a small, down-at-heels southern town about to meet the tide of an economic growth that it hasn't seen in decades. The Bravos, a local family held together in equal measure by love, unspoken blame and tenuously brokered truces, have been complacent with the stagnant ways of the sleepy town. However, when opportunity knocks, tempers ignite, secrets are unearthed, and each of the Bravos is forced to confront the tragedies of their shared past. Take a look at some of the readers' comments to give you more insight into this captivating novell.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book is intertwined throughout with descriptions that immediately place the reader within the time and space of the storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book centered in a place both geographically and culturally. At times, I was so caught up in reading this book at bedtime that I lost sleep --- albeit in a positive way.

Travel to the dusty Florida coastal hamlet of Utina, where life has remained the same for generations. Meet the Bravos, a hardscrabble Cracker family suddenly faced with life-altering changes when land developers decide it's time Utina becomes the latest yuppie enclave. How the Bravos will react to having their world upturned is at the center of HEART OF PALM, a novel that will make readers laugh on almost every page while simultaneously breaking their hearts. Smith's Utina is a town you'll regret leaving when you reach the novel's final page. This novel would be a great book club read, particularly for groups that meet through the summer, when Utina will seem especially close at hand. 

I was really excited about the storyline. On the plus side, the book was engaging and a fast read. I really like books that follow a family and the interplay of the family. The witty parts of the book occasionally had me chuckling! In certain parts of the book, there was some predictability. I am already passing the book on to friends! I would recommend this book and would describe it as a book following a family in Florida with some crazy twists and turns, a fast read and at times a bit quirky!                                     

It is a wonderful book about family relationships with well-developed characters that will make you laugh, cry, angry and disgusted with each one of them. However, you will begin to love each one as the book goes on. I hope Laura Lee Smith writes a sequel.

I honestly felt personally connected to all of the characters and found myself cheering them on, yelling at them not to do things and my heart breaking along with theirs. I'm going to pass this on to my mom, who is also a fan of southern fiction. I'm not sure how I'd describe it to her other than a great book worth reading.