Kathe Wunnenberg

Kathe Wunnenberg is the founder and president of Hopelifters Unlimited. She is a speaker, writer, leader and connector known for her ability to offer creative solutions for real life problems. The author of GRIEVING THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE and GRIEVING THE CHILD I NEVER KNEW, Kathe lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her family.

Kathe Wunnenberg

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by Kathe Wunnenberg - Christian, Nonfiction, Personal Growth, Religion & Spirituality

How often do women see a friend in distress or crisis, but feel helpless to really make a difference? HOPELIFTER takes the mystery out of how to be the hands and feet of Jesus to anyone in need of hope, comfort and care. Kathe Wunnenberg, whose hope-lifting ministry has impacted the lives of thousands, demonstrates simple, practical ways that acts of creative compassion can transform lives.