Shane Salerno

Shane Salerno is the director, producer and writer of Salinger, the highly anticipated documentary film about J.D. Salinger that will premiere theatrically in September 2013 from the Weinstein Company and debut as the 200th episode of "American Masters" on PBS in early 2014. In addition to Salinger, Salerno has written and produced a number of successful films and TV series. He most recently co-wrote and served as executive producer of the critically acclaimed film Savages, directed by three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone.

Shane Salerno

Books by Shane Salerno

by David Shields and Shane Salerno - Biography, Nonfiction

In the eight years since SALINGER was begun, and especially in the three years since J.D. Salinger’s death, David Shields and Shane Salerno interviewed on five continents more than 200 people, many of whom had previously refused to go on the record about their relationship with Salinger. This oral biography offers direct eyewitness accounts from Salinger’s World War II brothers-in-arms, his family members, his close friends, his lovers, his classmates, his neighbors, his editors, his publishers, and more.