Jolina Petersheim

Jolina Petersheim is the bestselling author of THE OUTCAST, which Library Journal gave a starred review and named one of the best books of 2013. That book also became an ECPA, CBA and Amazon bestseller. Upon the release of her second book, THE MIDWIFE, Romantic Times declared, "Petersheim is an amazing new author." Jolina and her husband share the same unique Amish and Mennonite heritage that originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but they recently relocated from the mountains of Tennessee to the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, where they live with their two young daughters. 

Jolina Petersheim

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Books by Jolina Petersheim

by Jolina Petersheim - Christian, Christian Fiction, Dystopian, Fiction
When Leora Ebersole sees the small plane crash in her Old Order Mennonite community, she has no idea it’s a foreshadowing of things to come. When the young pilot, Moses Hughes, regains consciousness, they realize his instruments were destroyed by the same power outage that killed the electricity at the community store, where Englischers are stranded with dead cell phones and cars that won’t start. In the weeks that follow, Leora, Moses and the community will be tested as never before, requiring them to make decisions they never thought possible.
by Jolina Petersheim - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction

Since the day Rhoda Mummau was baptized into the Old Order Mennonite Church and became the head midwife of HopenHaus, she’s been torn between the needs of the unwed mothers under her care and her desire to conceal the secrets of her past. When a young woman named Amelia arrives to the sweeping countryside bearing secrets of her own, Rhoda must face her past and those she thought she had left behind in order for the healing power of love and forgiveness to set them free.

by Jolina Petersheim - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction

Raised in an Old Order Mennonite community, Rachel Stoltzfus is a strong-willed single woman, content living apart from mainstream society until whispers stir the moment her belly swells with new life. Refusing to repent and name the partner in her sin, Rachel is shunned by those she loves most. But secrets run deep in this cloistered community, and the bishop is hiding some of his own, threatening his conscience and his very soul.