Dan Fesperman

Dan Fesperman’s travels as a writer have taken him to 30 countries and three war zones. LIE IN THE DARK won the Crime Writers’ Association of Britain’s John Creasey Memorial Dagger Award for best first crime novel, THE SMALL BOAT OF GREAT SORROWS won their Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for best thriller, and THE PRISONER OF GUANTANAMO won the Dashiell Hammett Award from the International Association of Crime Writers.

Dan Fesperman

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by Dan Fesperman - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

When Woodrow Cain leaves North Carolina for New York City, he also leaves behind a wife who had left him, a daughter in the care of his sister, and a career as a police officer marred by questions surrounding his partner’s murder. He gets a job with the NYPD --- hoping to start anew --- but comes into contact with a man who calls himself Danzinger. He speaks five languages and has the appearance of a “crackpot,” yet he is the only person who can help Cain identity a body just found floating in the Hudson. Who is this mysterious man, and how does he know so much about Cain? The more Cain and Danzinger investigate, the nearer they come to the center of a citywide web of traitorous corruption from which neither of them may get out alive.

by Dan Fesperman - Fiction, Military, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Darwin Cole, ex-F-16 fighter pilot, is a washout --- drunk and alone, and haunted by what he saw on the display of the drone he "piloted." He teams up with three journalists investigating the identity of the anonymous --- and possibly rogue --- intelligence operative who directed Cole's drone mission. But in a surveillance culture, even the well-intentioned are in danger, especially when they're tracking leads to the very heart of that culture --- in intelligence, in the military, and among the unchecked private contractors who stand to profit richly from the advancing technology…technology not just for use "over there," but for right here, right now.

by Dan Fesperman - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, spook-turned-novelist Edwin Lemaster revealed to up-and-coming journalist Bill Cage that he’d once considered spying for the enemy. For Cage, the news story created a brief but embarrassing sensation and heralded the beginning of the end of his career in journalism. More than two decades later, Cage receives an anonymous note hinting that he should have dug deeper into Lemaster’s pronouncement.