Barbara Rogan

Barbara Rogan was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island. After working for a New York City publisher, she moved to Tel Aviv and a year later established a literary agency that would become the primary conduit for books published in Israel as well as Israeli writers published abroad. During that period, she served on the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Book Fair, and her first novel was published. In 1994, she sold the agency and returned to New York. She has written eight novels and co-authored two nonfiction books. Her fiction has been translated into six languages. She has taught fiction writing at Hofstra University and SUNY, and currently teaches for Writers Digest University and in her own online school, The mother of two grown sons, she lives on Long Island with her husband and a German shepherd known as the Work in Progress.

Barbara Rogan

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by Barbara Rogan - Fiction, Mystery

When a would-be client turns stalker, literary agent Jo Donovan is more angry than shaken. Meanwhile, a biography of her husband, Hugo, is in the works, and the author’s digging threatens to destroy the foundations of Jo’s carefully constructed life. As the web of suspicion grows wider and her stalker ups the ante, she’s persuaded to go to the police. There Jo finds herself face-to-face with an old flame: the handsome Tommy Cullen, who is now an NYPD detective.