Jincy Willett

Jincy Willett is the author of JENNY AND THE JAWS OF LIFE and WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD, and THE WRITING CLASS which have been translated and sold internationally. Her stories have been published in Cosmopolitan, McSweeney's Quarterly and other magazines. She frequently reviews for The New York Times Book Review.

Jincy Willett

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by Jincy Willett - Fiction, Humor

On an unassuming morning, endearingly bitter writer Amy Gallup trips in her backyard in her slippers and goes head-over-heels into the side of a birdbath. The next thing she knows Amy is on radio shows, keynoting a major publishing event, and guiding a local writers’ retreat, with the public taking her every word as the rambling of a true genius. But strangest and most surprising of all; Amy starts to write again. A scathingly funny and wickedly humorous roman-a-clef by one of our most acclaimed literary humorists --- about a bitterly uninspired writer who decides to change her life after a freak accident.