Jeremy Page

Jeremy Page has worked as a script editor and a writer for FilmFour and the BBC. He has published two previous novels: SALT and SEA CHANGE. He lives in London.

Jeremy Page

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by Jeremy Page - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

The year is 1845, and young researcher Eliot Saxby is paid to go on an expedition to the Arctic in the hope of finding remains of the by-now-extinct Great Auk, a large flightless bird of mythical status. Eliot joins a hunting ship, but the crew and the passengers are not what they seem. As the ship moves further and further into the wilds of the Arctic Sea, Eliot clings to what he believes in, but is irrevocably drawn back into a past that haunts him --- and a present that confronts him with a myriad of dangers.