Charles Blackstone

Chicago-native Charles Blackstone is the author of VINTAGE ATTRACTION, a novel published in 2013 by Pegasus Books and distributed by W.W. Norton & Company. He is also co-editor of the literary anthology THE ART OF FRICTION (University of Texas Press, 2008) and the author of THE WEEK YOU WEREN’T HERE (Dzanc and Low Fidelity Press, 2005), a novel.

Charles Blackstone

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Before Peter Hapworth meets Izzy, he knows the difference between Pinot Noir and peanut butter, but that's about it. Lonely and frustrated, his life takes a sudden turn one night when he turns on the television. He's transfixed by the woman staring back at him---Isabelle Conway, one of the preeminent sommeliers in the world. On a whim, he pitches himself as a guest on her popular TV show, and the two embark on a whirlwind courtship.