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John A. Mitchell is a fun-loving Jesus follower. He’s a family man, premium ale connoisseur, pastor, writer, golfer and friend. He’s been happily married to Debbie for 28 years. They have one son, five daughters and a grandson. John holds a Master of Arts in philosophy of religion and ethics, and earned a Master of Divinity equivalency in theology. He and Debbie spent 11 years with Campus Crusade for Christ in the Western United States. John has pastored in small, medium and large churches, including two churches he planted with His family. He has published various articles, spoken at college campuses, conferences, retreats and other settings. He is the Lead Pastor of City Church in Boise, Idaho.

John A. Mitchell

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FIRE SONG asks us to consult our intuitions, common sense and intellect to consider the existence of God, the nature of creation, the reality of the soul and the purpose of life, in addition to questions surrounding the possibility of historical knowledge and Biblical authority, the problem of evil, person of Jesus and what it means to be human. The result is a disarming but compelling invitation to find Jesus at the center of our story as the best example of humanity, and our only hope of living like full human beings again.