James Conaway

James Conaway is the author of several books, including NAPA: The Story of an American Eden, the nonfiction bestseller about the wine country and those responsible for California’s winemaking triumphs, and its sequel, THE FAR SIDE OF EDEN. He is the author of two novels, THE BIG EASY and WORLD’S END. His most recent book is VANISHING AMERICA. Conaway has written for multiple magazines, among them Harper’s, The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Saveur, Gourmet, and National Geographic Traveler.

James Conaway

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by James Conaway - Fiction, Humor

During a routine tasting in advance of his eponymous publication’s new issue, wine critic Clyde Craven-Jones blindly samples a selection of Cabernets. To his confounded delight, he discovers one bottle worthy of his highest score, an accolade he’s never before awarded. But no one seems to know how it appeared on his doorstep, which is a problem for a critic who’s supposed to know everything. Thus an investigation into the mystery Cabernet commences.