Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion was born near Seattle in 1981 and has lived in and around that city ever since. He began writing in high school and self-published three novels before finally breaking through with WARM BODIES. He currently divides his time between writing, playing obscure instruments in obscure bands, and exploring the country in a 1977 GMC motorhome named Baleen.

Isaac Marion

Books by Isaac Marion

by Isaac Marion - Dystopian Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

R is a zombie. He shuffles around doing the zombie thing: grunting, hungering after flesh, and...dreaming? That is what sets R apart. He still has thoughts and dreams. While devouring a teenage boy's brain, he experiences the boy's memories and makes an unexpected choice to form a friendship with the boy's girlfriend, Julie. R's decision to protect Julie changes R's world and may be the key to saving the world.