Elizabeth Goudge

Elizabeth Goudge was a British novelist (1900–1984) born into the home of an Anglican priest and theologian. She wrote children’s books as well as novels --- her GREEN DOLPHIN STREET was made into an Academy-Award winning film. In style and themes she parallels English writers such as the creator of the Miss Read series as well mirroring the spiritual depth found in George MacDonald’s Victorian novels. She won the Carnegie Award in 1947 for THE LITTLE WHITE HORSE, which is J. K. Rowling’s favorite children’s book.

Elizabeth Goudge

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Go back in time to an English town in the 1870s. A cathedral dean --- too shy, too bookish, too intimidating to relate to his parishioners --- strikes up an unlikely friendship with the local clockmaker, a priest’s son who wants nothing to do with God. The relationship leads to a spiritual awakening that touches the entire community.