Lorilee Craker

Lorilee Craker is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller THROUGH THE STORM by Lynne Spears, and the author of several books on parenting and relationships. A frequent speaker, Craker is also an entertainment writer who has been interviewing celebrities and music artists for many years for the Grand Rapids Press. She lives in Michigan.

Lorilee Craker

Books by Lorilee Craker

Marvin J. Besteman with Lorilee Craker - Christian, Inspirational, Nonfiction

After having had surgery to remove a rare pancreatic tumor, Marv Besteman wanted more than anything else to simply sleep in his hospital bed and escape the excruciating pain and misery for a while. He was about to have an experience he never could have imagined --- and could never forget. In MY JOURNEY TO HEAVEN, Marv shares the true story of his experience of heaven with astounding detail.