Philip Sington

Philip Sington was born in Cambridge. His father was an industrial chemist and his mother an officer in the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). He studied history at Trinity College, Cambridge and then worked as a business journalist and magazine editor for nine years.

Between 1993 and 2001 he co-authored six novels under the joint pseudonym Patrick Lynch, selling well over a million copies worldwide. The third, 'Carriers', was adapted for the screen in 1998. He also co-wrote the stage play 'Lip Service', which was awarded 4 stars by 'The Scotsman' at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival.

His first solo novel, 'Zoia's Gold', was published in 2005. This was followed in 2009 by 'The Einstein Girl', which was a national bestseller in Germany, and by 'The Valley of Unknowing' in 2012. His work has been translated into twenty-one foreign languages.

Philip lives in London with his German wife, Uta, and their two children.

Philip Sington

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by Philip Sington - Suspense

In the twilight years of Communist East Germany, Bruno Krug, author of a single world-famous novel written twenty years earlier, falls for Theresa Aden, a music student from the West. But Theresa has also caught the eye of a cocky young scriptwriter who delights in satirizing Krug’s work. Asked to appraise a mysterious manuscript, Bruno is disturbed to find that the author is none other than his rival. Disconcertingly, the book is good—very good. But there is hope for the older man: the unwelcome masterpiece is dangerously political.