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Stephen Alford is a fellow in history at King's College, Cambridge, and the author of the acclaimed BURGHLEY: WILLIAM CECIL AT THE COURT OF ELIZABETH I,   THE EARLY ELIZABETHAN POLITY: WILLIAM CECIL AND THE BRITISH SUCCESSION CRISIS, 1558-1569, and KINGSHIP AND POLITICS IN THE REIGN OF EDWARD VI. He writes for the Times Literary Supplement and other periodicals.

Stephen Alford

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Elizabeth I came to the throne of England in a Europe aflame with wars of religion and dynastic conflicts. To the great Catholic powers of France and Spain, England was a heretic pariah state, a canker to be cut away for the health of the greater body of Christendom. Elizabeth's government, defending God's true Church of England and its leader, the queen, could stop at nothing to defend itself. Stephen Alford offers a groundbreaking, chillingly vivid depiction of Elizabethan espionage.