Monica Trasandes

Monica Trasandes was born in Uruguay and raised in San Diego, California. Her fiction has appeared in literary journals, and three stories have been anthologized.  She now works as the Director of Spanish-Language Media for GLAAD, and lives in Los Angeles with partner, Valda, and writes novels and plays.

Monica Trasandes

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by Monica Trasandes - Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction

What happens when a man and woman fall in love with the same extraordinary person? Kate Harrington, the muse, provocateur, and lodestone in the lives of Louis Ross and Angela Agnelli, is comatose after a car accident in Ibiza, and also unbeknownst to anyone, two months pregnant. Louis and Angela fly to her side, along with Kate's step-father who has been a dark presence in their lives for many years. What begins as an evocative story of love and identity evolves into a high-scale drama in Trasandes' heartrending debut.