Elsa Watson

From 1996 to 1998, Elsa Watson served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, where she began writing novels, all in longhand. She now lives on an island in Washington State with her husband, cat, and two dogs. Her short work has appeared in the Writers Journal, Snowy Egret and Renaissance Magazine. Elsa is proud to live by the motto: any day on which you pet a dog is a good day.

Elsa Watson

Books by Elsa Watson

by Elsa Watson - Fiction, Romance

After being fired from her job as a paralegal, Samantha Novak is asked to write an expose on the reality television dating show "The Love Dog" for a Hollywood tabloid. She finds that digging up dirt on set is harder then she thought. If she doesn’t reveal to the world that the reality show isn’t exactly “real,” her new career will be over before it starts. But when she falls in love with the show's star and leading man, will she still have the heart to expose its dirty secrets?