Stephanie LaCava

Stephanie LaCava is a writer working in New York and Paris. Raised in France, she attended Colgate University and has worked at Vogue. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, and other print and online publications, including the Paris Review. On her website (, she posts striking photographs and words daily, which she refers to as phantom cabinet of curiosities.

Stephanie LaCava

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by Stephanie LaCava - Anthology, Autobiography, Essays

An awkward, curious girl growing up in a foreign country, Stephanie LaCava finds solace and security in strange and beautiful objects. When her father's mysterious job transports her and her family to the Parisian suburb of Le Vesinet, the young American embarks on a life of discovery. Tasting the enchantments of Paris, she makes friends with her peers at a wildly unconventional international school and faces terrorism. But Stephanie's wonder gives way to anxiety and a deep depression brought on by a series of circumstances.