Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell is a writer of fantasy and SF in prose, comics and television, the only person to have been Hugo Award- nominated for all three.  He wrote three episodes of Doctor Who, and also episodes of Primeval and Robin Hood.  His comics include Captain Britain and MI-13 and Young Avengers for Marvel, and KNIGHT, and SQUIRE, BATMAN AND ROBIN, STORMWATCH, AND DEMON KNIGHTS for DC Comics and the upcoming SAUCER COUNTRY for Vertigo.  His non-comics work includes the novels SOMETHING MORE and BRITISH SUMMERTIME. His first urban fantasy novel, COPS AND MONSTERS, is out from Tor this winter.'  He can be found online at

Paul Cornell

Books by Paul Cornell

by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly - Fiction, Graphic Novel, Mystery, Political Thriller

Arcadia Alvarado, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, says she was "abducted by aliens." She's about to toss her hat into the ring as a candidate for President in the most volatile political climate ever. But then…a lonely road and a nightmarish encounter have left her with terrible, half-glimpsed memories. And now she has to become President. To expose the truth --- and maybe, to save the world.