Joan D. Vinge

Joan D. Vinge is the author of the Hugo Award-winning novel The Snow Queen, as well as the The Summer Queen, Psion, and several other science fiction novels. Her summer 1996 hardcover, Dreamfall, is a new novel about the character Cat. Vinge received a degree in anthropology (with highest honors) from San Diego State University. The study of that subject has been very useful to her in writing science fiction, Vinge says; both offer fresh viewpoints for looking at "human" behavior. Her novelette "Eyes of Amber" won the Hugo Award as well, and she has been a finalist for several other Hugo and Nebula awards. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and two children.

Joan D. Vinge

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The Winter colonists have ruled Tiamat for 150 years, slaughtering the gentle sea mers in trade for off-world wealth. But soon the gate to the galactic Hegemony will close, Tiamat will be isolate, and the 150-year reign of the Summer primitives will begin. Unless Arienrhod, the ageless, corrupt Snow Queen, can commit a genocidal crime-and destroy destiny...unless Sparks Dawntreader, the Snow Queen's companion, can survive sea and city, palace and slums-and find destiny.