David Moody

David Moody is the author of HATER, DOG BLOOD, AUTUMN and AUTUMN: THE CITY. He grew up in Birmingham, England, on a diet of horror movies and post-apocalyptic fiction. He started his career working at a bank, but then decided to write the kind of fiction he loved. His first novel, STRAIGHT TO YOU, had what Moody calls “microscopic sales,” and so when he wrote AUTUMN, he decided to publish it online. The book became a sensation and has been downloaded by half a million readers. He started his own publishing company, Infected Books. He lives in Britain with his wife and a houseful of daughters, which may explain his preoccupation with Armageddon.

David Moody

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by David Moody - Disaster Fiction, Dystopian, Dystopian Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Sports

Fourteen people are trapped on Skek, a barren island in the middle of the North Sea somewhere between the coasts of the UK and Denmark. Over the years this place has served many purposes, but one by one its inhabitants have abandoned its inhospitable shores. Today it’s home to Hazleton Adventure Experiences, an extreme sports company specializing in corporate team building events. A momentary lapse leads to a tragic accident, but when the body count quickly starts to rise, questions are inevitably asked. A horrific discovery changes everything, and a trickle of rumors becomes a tsunami of fear. Is this the beginning of the end of everything, or a situation constructed by the mass hysteria of a handful of desperate and terrified people?

by David Moody - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

It's been almost 100 days since a killer disease wiped out 99% of the population. Survivors are few and far between, and those who remain stick together to give themselves the best possible chance of staying alive. But the unexpected appearance of survivors from another group changes everything.

by David Moody - Fiction, Horror

It’s been 40 days since the world died, and the dead are roaming the Earth. Two very different small groups of people have survived against all odds, and when a series of horrific events forces them together, all hell breaks loose. 

by David Moody - Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Thriller

The war that has torn the human race apart is finally nearing its end. With most towns and cities now uninhabitable, and with the country in the grip of a savage nuclear winter, both Hater and Unchanged alike struggle to survive.