Dark Room

by Andrea Kane

Morgan Winter was just a child, she discovered the bloody bodies of
her murdered parents on Christmas Eve. Luckily, Arthur and Elyse
Shore, close friends of her mother and father, were there to pick
up the pieces of her life, take her in and raise her as their own
along with their biological daughter, Jill, Morgan's close

Now Morgan and Jill run Winshore, a top-quality matchmaking service
that strives to match men and women with their true loves --- not
just on a superficial level but on a deeper and more meaningful
plane. Morgan has rebuilt her life and moved on, even though the
murder of her parents has always loomed over her. With Christmas
just ahead, however, the past surfaces to haunt her again.

Morgan is dreaming of her parents, reading her mother's old
journals and studying photos of herself and them in happier days.
With the killer convicted and locked away, the past should be
behind her, but Morgan can't shake the experience that is always
with her just below the surface.

When old friend and retired police detective Pete Montgomery shows
up on the doorstep of Winshore, Morgan knows it doesn't bode well
for her peace of mind. Detective Montgomery, or Monty as he's known
to friends and family, tells her that the wrong man was convicted
all those years ago, and the person who killed her parents and
destroyed her life has been free all along. 

While Morgan is shaken to her core, rather than falling apart she
immediately hires Monty, now a private investigator, and determines
to see for herself that the right man is caught and punished for
this horrible crime. Luckily for Morgan, she is surrounded by
loving family and friends. The Shores, Jill and Monty do their best
to see that Morgan is supported and upheld in this turbulent time
that is shaking them all to their very foundation.

Morgan also meets and is immediately attracted to Monty's son,
Lane, a photojournalist who conducts undercover image analysis for
the CIA. Lane is used to living life on the edge. One thrill after
another suits him just fine. His previous exploits, however, are
nothing compared to the adrenaline that flows through his body when
he meets Morgan. 

Lane is drawn into the mystery surrounding Morgan's parents when
Monty asks him to enhance and scrutinize the crime scene photos of
Morgan's parents. He quickly becomes confidante and protector to
Morgan as well.

It's obvious that Morgan, Monty and Lane's investigation is coming
too close for comfort when Morgan and Jill's home is broken into
and trashed, a frightening warning is left for Morgan as a
cease-and-desist order, and one of Morgan's clients is the victim
of a hit and run. Is anyone close to Morgan safe now, or has she
placed everyone she loves in greater danger?

Regardless of what happens, Morgan knows the only key to lasting
peace and happiness is unmasking the person who killed her parents
and stole her youth. The question is, will that truth set her free
or will it annihilate her when she finally learns it?

DARK ROOM is an action-packed book where one tantalizing clue is
revealed after another. The chemistry between the characters is
warm and humorous, and they come across as real people who love and
care deeply for one another. I found myself wanting to remain in
their company and know what happened next even after the book


Reviewed by Amie Taylor on December 29, 2010

Dark Room
by Andrea Kane

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2007
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • ISBN-10: 0060741341
  • ISBN-13: 9780060741341