Jennie Shortridge

Jennie Shortridge has published five novels: LOVE WATER MEMORY, WHEN SHE FLEW, LOVE AND BIOLOGY AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, EATING HEAVEN and RIDING WITH THE QUEEN. When not writing, teaching writing workshops, or volunteering with kids, Jennie stays busy as a founding member of, a collective of Northwest authors devoted both to raising funds for community literacy projects and to raising awareness of Northwest literature.

Jennie Shortridge

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by Jennie Shortridge - Fiction

A woman suddenly becomes aware, and is shocked to find herself wading through the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay. However, she has no clue who she is or why she is here. When she returns to her life as Lucie Walker, she must piece together not only the mystery of her amnesia, but also decide who she chooses to be now.