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Wesley Stace is the author of three widely acclaimed novels: the internationally bestselling MISFORTUNE, selected by the Washington Post and Amazon as one of the best novels of the year; BY GEORGE, one of the New York Public Library’s 2007 Books To Remember; and CHARLES JESSOLD, CONSIDERED AS A MURDERER, one of the Wall Street Journal’s best fiction books of 2011. He has also recorded under the name John Wesley Harding, though his recent album, Self-Titled (September 2013), was the first released under his own name. He is the founder of the Cabinet of Wonders variety show, contributes frequently to The New York Times, teaches at Princeton, and lives in Philadelphia.

Wesley Stace

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Sold-out concerts, screaming fans, TV shows, Number Ones. This is the rock and roll dream, and the Wonderkids are living it. But something is wrong. Although the gigs are sold out, the halls are packed with little kids instead of sexy hipsters. And all that screaming sounds more like wailing. The TV appearances are PBS on Saturday morning rather than “Saturday Night Live,” and as for Number Ones, you don’t want to know.