Frances Osborne

Frances Osborne was born in London and studied philosophy and modern languages at Oxford University. She is the author of Lilla’s Feast and The Bolter. Her articles have appeared in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, the Daily Mail, and Vogue. She lives in London with her husband, George Osborne, and their two children.

Frances Osborne

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by Frances Osborne - Historical Fiction

When eighteen year old Grace Carlisle arrives in London in 1914 and fails to get a job as a secretary, she’s afraid she has disappointed her family terribly. She lies to her family when she finds a job as a housemaid on Park Lane and quickly becomes entangled in the lives of the family who lives there, especially Beatrice who is desperate to find a purpose and joins the suffragist movement. The choices both women make connect their chances at future happiness.