Jean Reynolds Page

Jean Reynolds Page is the author of A BLESSED EVENT, ACCIDENTAL HAPPINESS, and THE SPACE BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER, among others. She grew up in North Carolina and graduated with a degree in journalism from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She worked as an arts publicist in New York City and for over a decade and reviewed dance performances for numerous publications before turning full time to fiction in 2001. In addition to North Carolina and New York, she has lived in Boston and Dallas. She moved with her husband and three children to the Seattle area in 2002.

Jean Reynolds Page

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by Jean Reynolds Page - Fiction, Literary Fiction

A loving wife, facing an almost unbearable impending tragedy, returns with her husband and son to Lowfield, North Carolina --- and to a cabin high up in the trees --- where she must contend with, and somehow make peace with, an infuriatingly eccentric mother-in-law.