Ellen Feldman

Ellen Feldman, a 2009 Guggenheim fellow, is the author of TERRIBLE VIRTUE, THE UNWITTING, NEXT TO LOVE, SCOTTSBORO (shortlisted for the Orange Prize), THE BOY WHO LOVED ANNE FRANK (translated into nine languages) and LUCY. She writes both fiction and social history, and has published numerous book reviews.

She has lectured extensively around the country and in Germany and England, and enjoys talking to book groups in person, on the phone, or via the web.

She grew up in northern New Jersey and attended Bryn Mawr College, from which she holds a B.A. and an M.A. in modern history. After further graduate studies at Columbia University, she worked for a New York publishing house.

Ellen lives in New York City and East Hampton, New York, with her husband and a terrier named Charlie.

Ellen Feldman

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by Ellen Feldman - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Trained as a nurse, Margaret Sanger fought for social justice beside labor organizers, anarchists, socialists and other progressives, eventually channeling her energy to one singular cause: legalizing contraception. From opening the first illegal birth control clinic in America in 1916 through the founding of Planned Parenthood to the arrival of the Pill in the 1960s, Sanger sacrificed two husbands, three children and scores of lovers in her fight for sexual equality and freedom.

by Ellen Feldman - Crime, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

On a bright November day in 1963, President Kennedy is shot. That same day, Nell Benjamin receives a phone call with the news that her husband, the influential young editor of a literary magazine, has been murdered. She also receives information that threatens to turn her understanding of her marriage on its head. As the truths Nell discovers about her beloved husband upend the narrative of her life, she must question her own allegiance: to her career as a journalist, to her country, but most of all to the people she loves.

by Ellen Feldman - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In Next to Love by Ellen Feldman, three young women --- Babe, Millie and Grace --- who live in a small town in Massachusetts all send the men they love off to fight in World War II. Not everyone returns, and those who do are profoundly changed, reminding us that the scars of war run deeper than the day that victory is won. This character-rich story begins before the men head out and continues right through the early ’60s.