David Lyons

David Lyons was born in London, England and educated in the U.S., the Far East, and Europe. No doubt his peripatetic childhood influenced his first career choice. He became a lawyer, specializing in international law, globe-trotting and earning frequent flyer miles in great quantities. His first career flowed into the second rather naturally. Spending so much time on international flights and in quiet hotel rooms in foreign countries, David did a lot of reading. Then to pass the time, he tried writing. After years, David's avocation became his vocation. His journey has been --- and is with each new day --- fascinating.

David Lyons

Books by David Lyons

by David Lyons - Fiction, Mystery

Jock Boucher has overcome modest beginnings to assume one of the most powerful positions in the land: U.S. District Judge of the Eastern District of Louisiana. Following a trail of cryptic clues from one end of the city to the other on his first case, Boucher is pushed to the limits only to find himself in the line of fire --- and too far from the law to ever return.